MindGem Logotype

MindGem Graphics

This is my company, the name derives from all the best ideas, my Mind Gems.

We make apps, games and offer design services. The company was formed in 2005 and we're located in Stockholm, Sweden.

If there's anything artistic you need we can help.

MindGem at Work

We do Apps!

This is The Graffiti Creator. A free, online app built with Flash back in 2004

The user type in any text and out comes a graffiti-styled logo. Using an array of tools you can further enhance your logo. Save and publish on your social network. Check it out at GraffitiCreator.Net

Graffiti Creator

Painting on commission

I paint in both acrylics and oils and my style lean to the realistic, romnatic with a bold palette.

I do accept commission work so contact me if you've got an idea you want to bring to life.

Graphic Design

Check out more of my paintings here

Graffiti on commission

I paint graffiti with aerosols out in the real world as well as digitally.

If you're in need of a new logotype or just want your name done in graffiti style, let me help you.

Aerosol art

Check out our website at CustomGraffiti.Net.

Character illustrations

We have a illustration service where we can draw you just about anything you want. Check out a bunch of examples here

Custom Graffiti

and then head over to my website and put an order in.